Transport of cargo

We offer daily services of cargo transport for our business partners.

We are flexible, reliable, professional, and efficient.

We offer:

  • Transport of goods and objects
  • Transport of household appliances and furniture
  • Transport of machines and devices
  • Transport of bulky waste to depot
  • Delivery of goods from shopping centres or storage to your home
  • Transport of theatre sets
  • Organisation of logistics
  • Consulting in the field of customs and transport regulations
  • Organisation of railway, air, and ship transport

We provide cargo transport:

  • Locally – within cities and towns
  • Regionally – in Slovenia
  • Internationally – throughout Europe (road and air transport)

Cargo vans

Cargo vans 17m3

Cargo vans 17m3
3 10L/100km
to 1300 kg to V 2,17 Š 1,87 D 4,07

Cargo vans 13m3

Cargo vans 13m3
3 9L/100km
to 1400 kg to V 1,93 Š 1,87 D 3,70


Trucks 38m3

Trucks 38m3
3 15L/100km
to 2200 kg to V 2,40 Š 2,50 D 6,05

Smaller trucks 18m3

Smaller trucks 18m3
7 9L/100km
750-900 kg 4,10 m (D) x 2,0 m (Š) x 2.3. m (V)